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As SLEEVE MAK. With our professional staff we are producing and installing Labeling machines (sleeve machines ) also we are providing our costumers with aftersales services inside and outside turkey. For any problems you can contact us on +90 212 671 2458.


As SLEEVE MAK , we follow the latest technologies with the best quality materials and what is most important for us is to come up with new and creative solutions every day. We have a wide range of products from Sleeve machines to Safety Band machines.


One of the things we care about the most as SLEEVE MAK is food grade production. The most important thing in SLEEVE MAK is hygiene. For any problems you can contact us on +90 212 671 2458.

About Us

Since 2002 Sleevemak, produces Body Sleeve Machines, Steam Tunnels, Electric Tunnels, Temper Evident Application Machine, Conveyor and Automation Systems, Dryer Tunnels.

By closely folowing the development of the sector from the date established, innovation and entrepreneurship has been their primary targets.   It has been favourite of the sector in the region with technic substructure, information and experience and the ability to provide quality. Our company following closely the requirements of the information age has adopted a human-oriented philosophy. While our customers’ needs are meeted, a smiling face, professional experience and business ethics are taken into account. We consider the idea of rapid and high quality service as our indispensible principles by closely following the sectoral needs of our institutional and individual customers who we serve. While meeting our customers’ needs, we fully use our technic information and professional experience. We think that creating a good future will be much easier by sharing our information with others.


Creative Solutions

New designs for the  rapidly developing Technologies

Suitable For Food Production

High quality and Hygienic production

Maintenance / Repair / Service

Expert and experienced technical team in their field

Customer Satisfaction

Customer friendliness and satisfaction

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